Our Flavors


Original Blend

Our Original Blend is made from fresh-pressed, locally sourced apples. Different apples at different times in the season mean that this flavor will subtly change during the year. Fermented slow to bring out the natural aroma and flavor, we keep the Original Blend dry. With no added sugars or flavors, you will only be tasting all-natural cider. It pours golden copper like a shiny new penny…or five and is lightly carbonated with 6.4% abv.






Flannel Top Hot Pepper Cider

Taste the heat in this all natural hot pepper cider.  Diced peppers are steeped in freshly fermented apple cider until just hot enough to warm you up like your favorite flannel.  Left dry to emphasize the full pepper taste with just the right amount of apple tartness. Lightly carbonated. 6.4% abv








Jingle Pear Spiced Pear Cider     *Seasonal Release*

This seasonal pear cider is made from fresh pressed, locally sourced pears.  Then it is infused with all the right holiday spices to create a medium bodied, semi-sweet flavor.  Topped off with hard apple cider to enhance crispness and tartness. Available in December. Lightly carbonated, 5.4% abv.







Faded Dashboard Coffee Hard Cider

Our hard cider blend is steeped with fresh roasted coffee beans from our friends at The Blueberry Patch to produce a robust coffee aroma. A splash of natural vanilla is added to give it a sweet back flavor. Sure to please coffee enthusiasts alike.






Lost Reception Honey Blueberry Cider

Our traditional apple cider base has been infused with a hearty dose of blueberry puree direct from our friends at The Blueberry Patch in Lexington, OH then blended with over 10lbs of honey sourced from local hives. This cider is sure to appeal to any sweet tooth. Ditch that constant connection and get lost from the everyday by losing reception! Lightly carbonated. 6.4% ABV








*Limited Spring Release* Back Road Pear Hard Cider

Locally grown pears are fermented and back sweetened with pure pear juice.  Enjoy it cold while getting lost on a back road.  Lightly carbonated, semi-dry perry.  5.4% ABV









URBAN LEGEND Caramel Apple Hard Cider

This tale starts with our classic dry cider base.  As the story unfolds, there’s an unexpected plot twist – just the right amount of  Caramel Apple Cocktail mix is added.  The flavors meld, inducing sweet and dark undertones of vanilla and spices just like a caramel apple from the fair, without the mess! Legend has it, this hard cider is enjoyed best by a bonfire with friends.   6.4% ABV.