Josh & Kelly

Owners & Cider Makers

Josh is a graduate of Ontario High School. As the head cider maker, Josh has completed the Cider Institute of North America accredited workshop for cider making at Oregon State University. Having a substantial history with brewing, Josh switched to cider making due to the more complex challenges it presents to the producer. He thoroughly enjoys trying any real craft ciders that are made from all natural ingredients. When not making the next batch, we can catch Josh trying them out on a local golf course.

Kelly was born and raised in Shelby, Ohio, eventually moving to Mansfield. She has spent the majority of her life living and working within the Richland County community. Kelly enjoys drier, traditional ciders. She loves any hard cider infused with an unconventional flavor and is always trying to come up with something new. In addition to enjoying a crisp pint of cider, you can find Kelly outdoors spending time with her husband and their rescue dog Charlie.